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Hotel Room Rate Request - SD State BMX Championship

  1. This is a special room rate the hotel is willing to honor for this event. No rooms will be blocked.
    The "special room rate" will be honored when making reservations.

  2. SD State BMX Championship

  3. September 1-3, 2017

  4. Casey Weismantel

  5. July 21, 2017
    They will be printing the flyer for the SD State BMX Championship right away.

  6. Aberdeen Exchange Club BMX
    Kyle Oswald

  7. Phone Example: 605-555-5555

  8. Date Example: 00/00/0000

  9. (If Hotel Wants to Provide)

  10. Please fill out the form and submit back to the Aberdeen Area CVB as soon as you can. They are looking to continue the partnership with your hotel for special room rate for their SD State BMX Championship.

  11. 605-225-2414

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