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(RFP) Request for Proposal for Hotels - (BID) Dakota Transit Association (DTA) Rodeao and Fall Conference

  1. Aberdeen Convention & Visitors Bureau

  2. Hotel (RFP) Request for Proposal

  3. (RFP) Bid Due Date:

    March 6, 2018

  4. Conference/Event Name:

    (BID) Dakota Transit Association (DTA) Roadeo and Fall Conference

  5. Date of Conference/Event:

    September 15-21, 2022

  6. # Conference/Event Attendees:

    Roadeo = 75 attendees (Thursday- Sunday)
    Conference = 80 attendees (Sunday- Wednesday)

  7. (RFP) Bid Form:

    Written Bid - Returned to CVB
    (3 Copies)

  8. Contact Name:

    Cody Roggatz

  9. Contact Phone Number:

  10. Contact Address:

    Aberdeen Regional Airport Manager

  11. City:


  12. State:


  13. Zip:


  14. Email:

  15. Permission to contact the conference/event contact directly:


  16. Conference/Event Details

  17. Exhibit Space Needed:


  18. Breakout Rooms Needed:


  19. # Breakout Rooms Needed:

    # Breakout Rooms:
    Undecided at this time

  20. Banquet Services Needed:


  21. Conference/Event Room Block(s) Needed:

    (Yes) 75-80 rooms
    *Room Blocks will be placed with the Host Hotel awarded the (RFP) Bid

  22. CVB Contact to Submit Information:

    Casey Weismantel

  23. Additional Instructions:

    Customer Service is very important to them. They recently attended a conference in Grand Forks. The hotel was amazing. Unfortunately, the customer service was not impressive. The conference took notice of this sub par customer service.

    The conference would like to keep the room rate as close to $99.99 to 109.99 if at all possible to earn the bid.

    Aberdeen is bidding against other communities in the state.

  24. To Be Completed By The Hotel Contact

  25. Please provide the number of rooms avaiable.

  26. Hotel Approval Signature:*

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