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Aberdeen Hotel Alliance Funding Evaluation

  1. Hotel Alliance

  2. Event Funding Evaluation

    This form is to be completed and submitted to the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance UPON COMPLETION OF THE EVENT for review (no more than 15 days).


  3. Event Information:

  4. Will this be a recurring or yearly event in Aberdeen?

  5. Where was your event held?

  6. Event Contact Information:

  7. (Internal use only)

  8. Hotel / Lodging Facility Information:

  9. Which Aberdeen hotels were utilized (if known)?

  10. Regarding the host facility, please rate the following:

  11. Meeting Space:*

  12. Lodging:*

  13. Food Services:*

  14. Customer Service:*

  15. Were you well informed by the Aberdeen Area CVB of the facilities and services available for your group?:*

  16. Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau services utilized:*

  17. Overall, did the following meet your expectations?

  18. Event host facility:*

  19. Hotel(s) or Lodging*

  20. Convention & Visitors Bureau staff and services:*

  21. Aberdeen's hospitality:*

  22. Your satisfaction and input is very important to us. Thank you for your time.
    Please give us a call at 800-645-3851 if you have any questions or if we can provide further assistance.

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